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AOL Search – The New BigBrother?

Guess you all heard the fuss last week when AOL ‘accidentaly’ released 2 months worth of saved search data from 658,000 users (info here)

While it’s obviously a massive and worrying breach of privacy, it’s also bloody intresting reading, obviously some people seem to think a search engine is a shrink and tell it everything! Who needs to watch a bunch of self obsessed wierdos act up for the camera on BB when all the freakiness of someones ‘real life’ is here in black and white?

Take for instance this womans search data…

This is gripping reading… in the 2 months in question she gets more and more pissed off with her husband, has a few lesbian fantasies, sneakes off and has an affair with a married prison officer she met online (and searches for him & his prison by name…so much for anonymous data!), he gets found out & leaves his wife, he then stalks her, she has a nasty sounding facial growth removed…. while all while searching for good biblical references and quotes like ‘god can heal affairs’!
Wow, my life is soooo boring!

AOL Search Log search…

(EDIT: I may be completely wrong about all of this of course, hey, I’m making it up from a bunch of search strings after all… but that’s what’s so fun, no?)

Safari Bookshelf

If you’re anything like me you’ve got loads of huge old books on long dead or outdated technology gathering dust on your bookshelves, a few of which you’ve probably not even read more than half way.

You’ve probably got a couple more books you plan on buying soon? And there’s also a pretty good chance that a large proportion of all of these books have some strange animal on the front and are published by the O’Reilly network. Well if so, you have to try out the O’Reilly Safari Bookshelf

Safari Bookshelf is like an online library featuring a large chunk of the O’Reilly catalogue (both past & current). Every month you can place a set number of books into your bookshelf (10 on the standard subscription), and you can swap these each month. At only $20 a month it’s pretty good value (one ‘real’ book normaly costing about 3 times this!), and at the moment they have a free one month trial too.

I only joined today but have already added “Head First Design Patterns”, “Information Architecture for the World Wide Web” & “Mind Performance Hacks” to my bookshelf, all titles I’ve looked at but never got round to buying. Now all I have to do is find the time to read them!

Lean Mean Fighting Old Men

Nope, not a new show from Endemol (but remember where you heard the idea first…) but instead a nice bit of self promotional film work from the chaps at Lean Mean Fighting Machine. All the old dudes act so well and it’s got a nice touch of humanity to it… as the one guy says in the video, it’s about making experiences that a user remembers!

MonkeyRok Alpha

I’ve been working on a little plugin for MediaMonkey that, err… ‘pays homage’ to the nifty context panel in Amarok.

The code’s still pretty messy (VB, bleugh!) but functional enough. Thought I’d get it out there and see if anyone else finds it useful before I waste any more time on it :)

More info and download here
MonkeyRok Image

Where have all the experimental sites gone?

A year or two ago you couldn’t move for flocking algorithms and 3d engines, every man and his dog had their own ‘experimental flash’ site. Fastforwad to today, and everyones moved on to blogging (a lot quicker to do, and you can kid yourself someone actually cares what you say).

So where does your average ‘digial creative’ go for inspiration and to see state of the art flash work these days?

So far I’ve got:

… any others still out there …?