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Study links ‘spirituality’ to brain damage?

Brick Testament

Now this is something I can believe in…

Kind of related, the comments in the original Fark post led me to The Brick Testament, absolute genius, reckon everyone needs to brush up on the law section if nothing else. Good to know for example when you should stone your children, why you must marry your sister in-law, why you must stone homosexuals and of course when you’re allowed and how much to pay for raping a woman (50 sheckles, or about £8.50 according to, seems pretty reasonable).

Vague science headlines

Seems even the scientists are having a hard time getting funding these days and are turning to sensationalist headlines to get eyeballs. Two recently…

  • Humans glow in visible light … except that ‘visible light’ is “1,000 times less intense than the levels to which our naked eyes are sensitive” … so, errr, not very ‘visible’ then is it?
  • Transparent aluminium is ‘new state of matter’ … which is cool, except that in reality it was only “nearly invisible” to “extreme ultraviolet radiation”, effected “a spot with a diameter less than a twentieth of the width of a human hair” and lasted “an estimated 40 femtoseconds” (40 millionths of a nanosecond or 40*-15 of a second) …. so, errr, ‘transparent’ as long as you see in extreme UV, have great eye sight and don’t blink, ever!

Yeah, I know, these are ground breaking in their own rights and may lead to amazing things in the future, but surely they should be working on something practical like jetpacks or flying cars instead if they want good headlines?