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Molehill & Unity – woot!

The ‘incubator’ (pre-beta) version of Molehill, a new version of Flash & Air featuring low level GPU accelerated graphics as seen in the fancy MAX demos, is now available on the Adobe Labs…

Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player Incubator

It’s still requires a little bit of a tinkering start coding with so make sure you also read the geting started instructions here.

That’s pretty big news, but there’s more…
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How to ruin your brand in a weekend…

1. Make freaky, buzzword laden promo video and stick it on youtube…

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Video & PDF for my LFPUG Android talk

The talk went pretty well over all… didn’t hear any snoring anyway!

Didn’t cover half as much as I’d wanted to, what were supposed to be quick overviews of Flash and Air ended up taking far too long and I didn’t get to cover much of Andengine or any of the Market stuff I was planning on. Turns out you can’t fit as much talking into an hour as you think!

When I get time I’ll do a video of the Andegine demo I was planning and pop it up here instead.

Video & PDF available on the LFPUG site here.

Anatomy of the HBGary Anonymous hack

Interesting write up in Ars about the recent high profile hacking of ‘security experts’ HBGary by Anonymous.
Turns out it was basic SQL injection, poor passwords and general lax security… who would’ve thunk it?

Read the full article here.

Humble Indie Bundle 2


It’s Humble Indie Bundle time again, set your own price for 5 cross platform DRM free indie games (Including the award winning Braid, Machinarium and Osmos) and donate to the EFF & charity at the same time, what’s not to like…?

It’s only on for 7 days so get yours here.