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Boot Linux in your browser via Javascript!

Well this is pretty damn impressive, a working Linux terminal booting under Javascript in a browser…

(Via Slashdot)

Tips for converting iOS UI’s to Android

Several people have asked me for advice recently on converting iOS UI’s to Android, generally as they are iOS users and don’t really have first hand experience of Android UI patterns but want to try porting an existing app to the Android platform.

There are several major differences that you should be aware of when doing this, simply porting the app without changing the UI may result in a bad user experience and possibly poor ratings in the market.

There’s a very useful blog all about Android UI design patterns that has a handy post you should check out first… Continue Reading →

Silicon Milkroundabout

Today I went to a very interesting event with a very silly name… Silicon Milkroundabout, held in the Bar Music Hall in Shoreditch.

I’d only heard about the event a couple of days before from a post to the London Android mailing list, and wasn’t really sure what to expect, but as I didn’t have anything much else on I thought I’d pop along and take a look around.

What I found was quite an exciting mix of startups and well established names all pitching to a packed bar, full of developers of all types and skill levels, in the hope of filling a wide range of vacancies. Everyone from to MindCandy were there, along with a whole bunch of smaller teams still in stealth mode and there was a really good buzz going around. Everyone was very friendly, and I talked to several others who had just popped along to check it out like me and everyone agreed it was far more exciting than they had expected.

I think it was a great event overall, and I don’t think I’ve been to one quite like it before. It had a real feeling that, after the last few crappy years, things are starting to pick up in the UK tech world and the money and funding (and therefore jobs and interesting work) are starting to appear again.

And possibly the best thing about it… they’d gone to great pains to ensure there were no spiky haired recruitment consultants there, only companies with positions to fill and people with the skills to fill them.

Well done to the guys at Songkick for organising it, and lets hope it’s the start of something regular.

Awesome WebGL Fractal Explorer


Wow, consider my mind officially blown, just stumbled upon Fractal Lab from, really shows off the power of WebGL!

‘Send Later’ from Gmail with Boomerang

By default Gmail doesn’t include any way of scheduling your email sends. If you’re a nocturnal coder like me sending clients emails at 4am can give the wrong impression, so I’ve been looking for a way of scheduling them to be sent first thing in the morning instead.

I just found what seems like quite a good one, Boomerang for Gmail, which when installed adds a bunch of handy new functionality to your standard Gmail interface…
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