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Video & PDF for my LFPUG Android talk

The talk went pretty well over all… didn’t hear any snoring anyway!

Didn’t cover half as much as I’d wanted to, what were supposed to be quick overviews of Flash and Air ended up taking far too long and I didn’t get to cover much of Andengine or any of the Market stuff I was planning on. Turns out you can’t fit as much talking into an hour as you think!

When I get time I’ll do a video of the Andegine demo I was planning and pop it up here instead.

Video & PDF available on the LFPUG site here.

I’m talking @ LFPUG in January about Android development

Damn, Tink’s just sent out the newsletter so I can’t get out of it now :)

I’m going to be doing a talk at the end of January to the London Flash Platform User Group (LFPUG) about Android development. It will follow on from Richard Leggetts comprehensive ‘Introduction to Android’ talk earlier this year and cover some new stuff such as Air for Android, publishing, protecting and monetizing your apps on the Android Market, and we’ll also create some simple games using AndEngine and LibGDX.

Following me will be Liam Flynn talking all about multi platform OpenGL ES, so it should be an interesting night if you’re into games and other mobile development.

Hope to see you there!

LFPUG Linux Presentation Slides


Way back in November last year I did a presentation at the London Flash Platform Usergroup. I ran through a quick intro to Linux, what makes it different, and why you may (or may not) want to try it out, as well as giving a demo of my Beryl desktop.

I also showed how to install the (back then brand new) Beta Linux Flash Player, and how to set up a completely Open Source Flash development environment using Eclipse, MTASC & ASDT.

I had a lot of fun doing the pres, and gave out a whole stack of Ubuntu CD’s afterwards. The slides were supposed to go up on the LFPUG site at the same time as the video, but that all got rather delayed… so I thought I’d post my slides here instead. Better late than never :)

Download “Getting Flash on Linux” presentation slides

(The useful Flash info is from about slide 17 onwards)

Edit – the video is up on the LFPUG site too now, bit dark but check it out

LFPUG – 25/10/06

Just a reminder, next LFPUG is Thursday 25th Oct @ The Bear, Farringdon, be sure to register on the site to be in the prize draw, I won a pass for Flash on the Beach last month…result :)

LFPUG 2 – 27th July 2006

Tink’s posted details of the next London Flash Platform User Group, graciously hosted this time by AKQA (I’m told they are supplying the beers too… good work fellas!)

There’s gonna be two interesting sounding talks this month, one on localization techniques by Dave Williamson (be interested to hear how he handles the really tough stuff like non-Latin and R-to-L languages) and Tink will be running through some of the new features in the recent Flash Pro 9 Actionscript Preview.

Dont forget to sign up on the site, and I’ll see you there…
(except you of course Liam, ya football playing nancy :))