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Time to dump .Net for JS… maybe not?

The announcement last week that the new Windows 8 developer platform would be ‘based on HTML5 and JavaScript‘ understandably sent waves to distress through the .Net community.

But Ars has a good rundown of what they think this will actually mean based on picking apart the beta releases, and in fact they seem to think it’s going to be a significant step forward for the Windows platform, perhaps even delivering on the promises they made years back with Longhorn (which of course became Windows Vista, then 7).

So if it plays out as Ars thinks we’ll all be happy, .Net developers will continue using .Net and the rest of us might get some really nice tools in the form of HTML5/JS support in Visual Studio, which will in turn will create a push for much more capable HTML5/JS tools all across the board.

The biggest question left is, what the hell are Microsoft playing at and what do they possibly think they can gain by not responding to the obvious FUD they’ve created themselves, within their own developer community, about their own product? Weird!

HTML5 vs Flash ad – challenge accepted…

While reading all the fanboy nonsense today about 42% of the fixes in OSX 10.6.5 being for Flash (hey, what kind of a ‘journalist’ needs to research and understand what they are writing about anyway?), I came across this challenge…
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Chrome Experiments

Some really interesting experiments with HTML5 going on here…

…including a fun one from a familiar name, prolific Flash & Papervision3d experimenter Mr.Doob. ‘Browser Ball‘ is also pretty cool.

Gonna have to start playing with this myself, have seen some really nice stuff starting to come out in this area recently.