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Tips for converting iOS UI’s to Android

Several people have asked me for advice recently on converting iOS UI’s to Android, generally as they are iOS users and don’t really have first hand experience of Android UI patterns but want to try porting an existing app to the Android platform.

There are several major differences that you should be aware of when doing this, simply porting the app without changing the UI may result in a bad user experience and possibly poor ratings in the market.

There’s a very useful blog all about Android UI design patterns that has a handy post you should check out first… Continue Reading →

Update time coming!

According to the Apple site, OSX Lion will include such ground breaking features as ‘The App Store’ (a shop), ‘Launchpad’ (a big start menu), ‘fullscreen button’ (a working maximize button finally, which fanboobies have argued for years was a silly idea in Windows), ‘Mission Control’ (expose with more stuff in it), ‘Auto Save’ (because alt+s is kinda hard to remember) & ‘Versions’ (a nice idea stuck in the stupid timemachine interface).

HTML5 vs Flash ad – challenge accepted…

While reading all the fanboy nonsense today about 42% of the fixes in OSX 10.6.5 being for Flash (hey, what kind of a ‘journalist’ needs to research and understand what they are writing about anyway?), I came across this challenge…
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Android game prototyping with LibGDX on OSX

LibGDX from Badlogic Games is “a cross-platform game development library written in Java with some JNI code for performance hungry sections. It abstracts away the differences between writting desktop and Android games based on OpenGL. This allows you to prototype and develop your application entirely on the desktop and only needing 6 lines of code to make it run on Android.”

After trying various Android libs I think Libgdx will be what I use in the future, it’s got a clever bunch of people developing it and forms the basis of many of the other libraries available (Andengine, Rokon etc) without all the extra cruft.

However, until now the prototyping on the desktop has only worked in Windows & Linux, but that’s all changed thanks to the help of ‘pirato’ on the Libgdx forum, who’s built an OSX version of the required dynamic lib.

Before you can use it, you’ll need to have the mpg123 library installed, which is pretty straight forward…

You can then grab pirato’s library file from here (until it’s been officially added to the libgdx repos) and add it to your projects ‘libs’ folder.

You should now be able to run the desktop version of your app under OSX.

Woot, Android dev just got a step easier!

Run Android on your old iPhone

Running Android on your old rooted iPhone 2G or 3G is now as simple as a couple of clicks thanks to the new Bootlace app available on Cydia, and it can all be done over the air, no computer required.

Full instructions can be found here.

I just tried it on my old 2G and can confirm it works, although it’s un-useably slow on this old hardware. To get around the ‘only one button’ issue it remaps the main iPhone button to Andorids ‘menu’ button, the volume down button becomes ‘home’ and the power button becomes ‘back’. To put the device to sleep you press the power & main buttons together.