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Nice ‘paywall’ there NY Times!

Clients from Hell

This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so depressingly true. I must’ve heard half of these in real life at one time or another…

Never steal a hackers computer

Skip forward to about 3:15…

Update time coming!

According to the Apple site, OSX Lion will include such ground breaking features as ‘The App Store’ (a shop), ‘Launchpad’ (a big start menu), ‘fullscreen button’ (a working maximize button finally, which fanboobies have argued for years was a silly idea in Windows), ‘Mission Control’ (expose with more stuff in it), ‘Auto Save’ (because alt+s is kinda hard to remember) & ‘Versions’ (a nice idea stuck in the stupid timemachine interface).

I don’t think that’s gonna work…

…did I mention I don’t bother watching TV any more?