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Want to learn ya some Android?

Then you could do worse than check out my old pal Richard Leggit’s ‘Android Workshop’ in Brighton. The next one’s on the 6th/7th September and tickets are available now, more info here…

The Android Workshop

Fixing the “One or more files in the Adobe Application Support folder… are missing” error when you start Photoshop

This error, which appears every time you start Photoshop, is apparently caused by the ‘Adobe Unit Types.osax’ file missing from the /Library/ScriptingAdditions folder. The error message suggests reinstalling Photoshop, but that seems like using a sledgehammer to bang in a nail.

I’ve got no idea how or when mine went missing, but to fix it I simply downloaded a copy of the file from here…


…and dropped it into /Library/ScriptingAdditions, hey presto, no more errors!

New book reviews coming soon…

I’m currently reading a couple of interesting new titles from Packt

Flash Development for Android Cookbook


CryENGINE 3 Cookbook

Reviews will be up here when I get time to give them a proper read through.

Flash or HTML5?


Nice research into some of the pros and cons of each (with obligatory rabid fanboi comments)…

Periscopic – Our Research into Flash and HTML5: Which One is Right For Your Project?

Nice ‘paywall’ there NY Times!