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DustyPixels is the online home of Adam Robertson.

Originally from London, England, Adam is now located in Sydney Australia.

Adam has over a decade worth of experience working in the internet and rich media development industry. During this time he has undertaken a number of senior technical and customer facing roles with some of the UK’s top creative agencies.

As an industry expert, Adam has a strong ability to collaborate with teams and product groups to help define and execute predefined strategies. At the same time he has experience acting as a product/project champion to evangelising requirements and objectives across both internal business units and externally to partners/clients.

A key component of Adam’s ongoing professional development involves the ability to stay at the leading edge of his craft. This includes the on-going research and analysis of new and upcoming rich media and interactive technologies, and how they impact the digital media ecosystem.

Adam is currently employed as Technical Director at Host Sydney.

The views, thoughts and opinions expressed on this site are entirely those of Adam Robertson, and in no way reflect those of his employers or clients.


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  1. Tim says:

    Hi there,

    Out of some vague interest, i was wondering what happened to Random Media. I had an old antipodean friend of mine work there a number of years ago and recently I checked to see what they were up to. Cold you give us an update? I am curious. Anwyay, your blog..well the remnants of your blog, are the only fragments of existance the remain when doing a google search.

    Unable to find any contact details, I thought I would post a ‘comment’..

    Thanks for your time


  2. oldskool73 says: (Author)

    Hi Tim,

    Unfortunately Random are no more, they kind of morphed into RedNomad but I don’t know how many, if any, of the old crew are still there.

    Many have gone on to do pretty cool stuff themselves, such as Andy who started WorkClub and Odin & Tom who started Nation

    Who was your mate, we had a couple of Ozzies there at various points?

  3. Hello!

    First of all thank you for the great work on the OSC AS3 classes!

    I recently developed a MIDI Gateway for ActionScript3 (Flash) that uses your classes.
    Is it okay with you if I include them into the download on the midiflash open source page on google code? I just created the projects minutes ago.

  4. Hey oldskool73,

    I’ve seen your post on Andengine forums, “Twin Stick Shooter coming soon”. Was wondering how did you do the glowing effects on your main sprite. Thanks in advance and sorry for stalking you here :)

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