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Tips for converting iOS UI’s to Android

Several people have asked me for advice recently on converting iOS UI’s to Android, generally as they are iOS users and don’t really have first hand experience of Android UI patterns but want to try porting an existing app to the Android platform.

There are several major differences that you should be aware of when doing this, simply porting the app without changing the UI may result in a bad user experience and possibly poor ratings in the market.

There’s a very useful blog all about Android UI design patterns that has a handy post you should check out first…

5 tips for converting iOS UI to Android.

It also has a great series of posts on Android UI patterns that are well worth browsing through.

There’s also the Android Patterns site that takes a more problem/solution driven approach.

And of course there’s the official Android User Interface Guidelines when you want to dig a little deeper.

Any other recommendations?

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