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Awesome WebGL Fractal Explorer


Wow, consider my mind officially blown, just stumbled upon Fractal Lab from subblue.com, really shows off the power of WebGL!

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  1. HueEdmond says:

    looks great but it doesn’t work on my browser…

    it surprises me that people who develop stuff in html5 expect the public to happily go back to the days of “this site is best viewed in [insert favorite browser here]

    it just ain’t gonna happen – and that should be obvious by now.

  2. oldskool73 says: (Author)

    What browser is that then Hue?

    WebGL is very new and support is only experimental in most browsers, and non existant in some (most notably IE9).

    Try http://www.doesmybrowsersupportwebgl.com/ to check.

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