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Molehill & Unity – woot!

The ‘incubator’ (pre-beta) version of Molehill, a new version of Flash & Air featuring low level GPU accelerated graphics as seen in the fancy MAX demos, is now available on the Adobe Labs…

Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player Incubator

It’s still requires a little bit of a tinkering start coding with so make sure you also read the geting started instructions here.

That’s pretty big news, but there’s more…

Also, on the same day, the Unity3D guys have announced they are working on an option to publish directly to the Molehill Flash player from Unity3D and the ability to code in AS3 within Unity3D! I didn’t see that coming at all, pretty major news as it will open up a pretty impressive 3D game development tool to us Flash developers….

Molehill exposes a very low-level shader-based interface to the graphics hardware. Adobe has decided to focus on that low-level part, and do that really well. The molehill pre-release will not be shipping with a 3D engine, scene building tools, model and animation importers / exporters, physics, lighting or lightmap creation tools, etc.

Hmmm….does that list sound familiar? It sounds a lot like what you all love Unity for!

In the past few months, our engineers have been investigating the possibility of adding a Flash Player exporting option to Unity. That investigation has gone very well, and we’re moving into full production.

No info yet on when we’ll be able to test this out, but check out the site for more info.

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  1. Great news indeed! Today, it’s been made clear on the Unity blog that the flash export option in Unity will be available somewhere in 2011.

    Among the features announced today in the Unity roadmap for 2011, flash export is still the most exciting one. PreviewLabs – a company specialized in rapid game prototyping which I happen to work for – has compiled a list of the three most exciting features that will be added to Unity in 2011. Read it here.

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