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Humble Indie Bundle 2


It’s Humble Indie Bundle time again, set your own price for 5 cross platform DRM free indie games (Including the award winning Braid, Machinarium and Osmos) and donate to the EFF & charity at the same time, what’s not to like…?

It’s only on for 7 days so get yours here.

Sony PSP Android device is real

Much as I dislike Sony, it looks like gaming on Android may be getting interesting…

All the more reason to come along to my LFPUG talk in January and learn how to make Android games yourself!

I’m talking @ LFPUG in January about Android development

Damn, Tink’s just sent out the newsletter so I can’t get out of it now :)

I’m going to be doing a talk at the end of January to the London Flash Platform User Group (LFPUG) about Android development. It will follow on from Richard Leggetts comprehensive ‘Introduction to Android’ talk earlier this year and cover some new stuff such as Air for Android, publishing, protecting and monetizing your apps on the Android Market, and we’ll also create some simple games using AndEngine and LibGDX.

Following me will be Liam Flynn talking all about multi platform OpenGL ES, so it should be an interesting night if you’re into games and other mobile development.

Hope to see you there!

Getting surreal!

From the Wikileaks twitter feed (wonder how much longer that will last?)…

High court of Pakistan dismisses attempt to ban WikiLeaks

Utterly surreal: Pravda justifiably criticising US for trying to stifle a free press How times change.

…and strangely relevant…

(I’ve turned on Youtubes ‘privacy enhanced mode’ for the videos above coz you’re probably not meant to be listening to subversive stuff like that!)