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HTML5 vs Flash ad – challenge accepted…

While reading all the fanboy nonsense today about 42% of the fixes in OSX 10.6.5 being for Flash (hey, what kind of a ‘journalist’ needs to research and understand what they are writing about anyway?), I came across this challenge…

Let’s (sic) see if this HTML5 ‘ad’ can be implemented more power efficient in Flash

Ok, he’s not English so we can excuse the fact ‘more power efficient’ doesn’t really mean anything unless we’re talking about lightbulbs, but I thought I’d give the challenge a go anyway, and came up with this…


Now I really didn’t spend much time on this, and it probably could be done better, but I will admit the HTML5 version is ~50% lighter on the CPU than the Flash when in Safari on a Mac.

However, much more importantly, the HTML5 version does not work consistently at all. Only one plane of the 3d cube is visible in Chrome (so that’s all I did in the Flash as thats’ all I saw!) and the thing doesn’t work at all in Firefox! Didn’t bother testing in Windows but I’d predict a similar result. Imagine telling your client that you’ll use this new power efficient HTML5 thingy to do their ad, but it will only work on ~6% of the browsers out there? Yeah, web standards my arse.

Also, the Flash CPU usage is 4 times as high in OSX as in Windows! Perhaps it’s not Flash that’s the problem, it’s the OS it’s running on?

Anyway, I probably shouldn’t feed the trolls, but couldn’t resist a challenge. If anyone reading this is on Twatter please let the original challenge poster know about this page, as I don’t use it myself. Cheers.

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  1. aristo says:

    Original ad had no movie and box was 4flat planes . flash version was perfect on Android 2.2 desire. html wankers.

  2. Naman Goel says:

    Though I agree that Flash is easier to use for a developer any day, you can’t just say that HTML5 won’t work on most browsers. The thing is HTML5 isn’t implemented equally in browsers yet, and its HARD WORK to make it work in all the browsers, though its possible. After a few more tools like Hype are released, that make it easier, there will be more to the debate.

    “Also, the Flash CPU usage is 4 times as high in OSX as in Windows! Perhaps it’s not Flash that’s the problem, it’s the OS it’s running on?”

    Seriously, is OS X a bad platform, do app generally not work well on it?? Of course not. But Flash on mac sucks way more than it does on Windows, because Adobe, had done a bad job with the mac version. And now they are basically doing the same with Mobile versions.
    The whole point of the HTML5 vs Flash debate, is that of course Flash is more capable, and easier today, but it doesn’t perform well, and has security flaws too often, and we SHOULD move to HTML5 even though it’s way more painful.
    If you can’t handle the pain just keep using Flash.

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