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Sentimental vintage toys…

A post on reddit got me thinking about the toys I lusted after as a kid, so I did a bit of youtubing down memory lane. Anyone else remember these…?

Evil Knievel : I had the Escape from Skull Canyon set with the plastic boulders & Yeti!

Six Million Dollar Man : He was so cool, you could look through the back of his head out his eye to get a tiny bionic view, and you could peel back the rubber skin on his karate chop arm and see the bionics underneath. You don’t get much more 70′s than this!

Mego Action Figures : It was an innocent time for action figures with their ill fitting cloth clothes, back when they were still designed to be played with by kids instead of collected in boxes by adults and no one cared if they were from Marvel or DC.

BigTrack : One for the rich kids. I actually sent a letter to Jim’ll Fix It asking to see how they made BigTrak as I figured they often let kids keep the stuff they wrote in about so I might get one… never got a reply though :(

Speak&Spell : Guess I’ve always been a nerd, but I used to love this!

Merlin : wow, 5 variations of noughts & crosses and 1 Simon rip off!

Entex Hand Held Space Invaders : So much better than the Game&Watches because you could play in the dark! Spent many a night under the cover saving earth with this one.

And on of my earliest… the Fisher Price Chatter Telephone : recently re-released and featured in Toy Story 3 I had the original wooden one with the sharp corners… kids these days are wimps!

Sigh… growing up sucks.

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