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Run Android on your old iPhone

Running Android on your old rooted iPhone 2G or 3G is now as simple as a couple of clicks thanks to the new Bootlace app available on Cydia, and it can all be done over the air, no computer required.

Full instructions can be found here.

I just tried it on my old 2G and can confirm it works, although it’s un-useably slow on this old hardware. To get around the ‘only one button’ issue it remaps the main iPhone button to Andorids ‘menu’ button, the volume down button becomes ‘home’ and the power button becomes ‘back’. To put the device to sleep you press the power & main buttons together.

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  1. LSaridina says:

    I wonder if the virtual machine is on flash.. Oops, sorry, sometimes I forget that there are no flash player on iOS.

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