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Microdobe? Adobosoft?

Microsoft & Adobe in merger talks?


As one commenter on the NYTimes site puts it…

“Get ready for Microsoft Photoshop Office Home Premium Starter Edition for Enterprises!”

Good thing? Bad thing? Complete nonsense? What’s your thoughts?

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  1. microdobe says:

    I use the adobe products such as ps, dw for ages, i love it, looking forward to upgrating to the mobile action

  2. Phil says:

    I’d be shocked if this goes through. Adobe has a lot of areas where MS is not competing (PS, AI, AE, etc…) but I think MS is better to gobble up a Mobile company. If they could pull it off RIM would be their best but I don’t think they are interested in selling right now.

  3. dbmuse says:

    my first reaction is to ebay all my adobe software and go pure apple. why doesn’t google buy some good stuff like Adobe ? Too late to pick up Sun and now look at the mess they got.

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