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Android Market completely broken (again)?

So, for the last couple of days I’ve only been able to download apps from the market very occasionally, mostly the downloads quietly fail and today I’m getting nothing at all.

It appears it’s not just me, Androinica have dubbed it ‘The Market Blackout’ and the help forums are swamped with people all around the world with the same problems. Very bad!
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Why I’m not (yet) interested in Flash/Air for Android

Over the last few days there’s been great fanfare about the release of Air for Android, and just a little while previously Flash 10 for Android, but no mention of either on my blog.

I’ve been working with Flash for about 15 years now, and more recently I’ve done quite a bit with Android…I have 3 native SDK Android apps in the market with over 30k downloads and 4.5 star ratings. So why haven’t I been combining the two skills?

Simple…. compare the number of Android devices available just this year:
…with the number of devices Flash 10 is compatible with:

Unfortunately my ‘ageing’ (8 months old!) HTC Hero, even though it happily runs Froyo, won’t run Flash (or of course Air) because of its hardware requirements. This is a big issue that no one seems to be mentioning, as even if your older phone can run Froyo and ever gets and update to it (many wont without hacking) it probably still can’t run Flash because of its hardware… and I’m not even sure what these hardware requirements are as nowhere seems to mention them? I have no idea of the numbers but I have a feeling that you’re cutting your available market drastically by not supporting an SDK < Froyo or only high end new phones.

While I applaud Adobe for all the work they’ve put in I think it’s going to be a while (6 months?) before enough new high end handsets are out there to make using Air a viable choice instead of the native SDK (which to be honest isn’t hard to pick up for someone used to AS3 and Flex)… although that swing may be increasing as more and more people I speak to are ready to try something other than an iPhone when they next upgrade.

What do you think? Does the familiarity of using Flash outweigh the loss of market share for you? Do you not care, and are simply happy to be able to use your Flash skills in Android? I’d be very interested to hear some numbers on the market share of Flash/Air compatible phones if anyone has them?

HTC Desire HD… think I’ve found my next phone

Smell like a monster

Sesame street spoofs the Old Spice Man adverts…

Microdobe? Adobosoft?

Microsoft & Adobe in merger talks?

As one commenter on the NYTimes site puts it…

“Get ready for Microsoft Photoshop Office Home Premium Starter Edition for Enterprises!”

Good thing? Bad thing? Complete nonsense? What’s your thoughts?