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WeFunk Radio For Android

I’ve just uploaded a new free Android app to the Marketplace. It’s called ‘WeFunkRadio’ and allows you to tune into the awesome WEFUNK Radio shows 24 hour shoutcast stream.

WEFUNK is a weekly radio mix-show, hosted and produced for more than a decade by Montreal DJs Professor Groove and DJ Static. Since their first show in 1996 they’ve been selecting only the best in hip hop, funk & soul — from old to new, classics, rare gems, new releases and more. Tune in any time and experience hip hop’s roots and future along with the rich legacy of funk, soul and jazz.

The app is completely free, you can download it by searching the Marketplace for ‘wefunk’, or scanning the barcode below on your device…

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  1. Lexxus says:

    This is MAJOR!!

  2. WeFunky! says:

    WOOT! I’ve been trying to get WeFunk mobile on my crappy Highnote for years. Getting an android phone soon and will be using this 24\7!

  3. Stu says:

    Android market says this is not compatible with my HTC wildfire. Is this right?

  4. Marcel says:

    Can;t download this app via barcode scaner and can’t even see in market place, please help.

  5. PIno says:

    This app is long over due for an update

  6. emi says:

    Hi, I have a HTC Mozart and I want to listen ,,we funk radio,,. Can you please help me?

  7. oldskool73 says: (Author)

    Hey everyone, thanks for the feedback.

    @Stu / emi – It was developed on an HTC G1 and still works on my HTC Desire HD, should be compatible for you guys, don’t know of any reason why it wouldn’t be.

    @Marcel – um, strange, no idea why, sorry :(

    @ Plno – well, it’s free, if you want to pay for my time to make an updated one please get in touch :)

  8. Marcel says:

    Could You please upload the .apk file somewhere here?

  9. Pzero says:

    Same as Marcel above, no trace when searched for on marketplace, and the URL in barcode above leads to a page which cannot be found…

  10. Jru says:

    Does not show in the market… I’m in the Netherlands (europe) so that could be the reason?

    Please upload the APK somewhere :)

  11. MK says:

    I think WeFunk app is missing one crucial functionality – mute the stream when incoming call is answered. Do you plan to open source the app so someone can add it ?

  12. Ety says:

    Hey…..i have a samsung galaxy s…..i have this applications download but it dosen’t work ! May be you can help me fix it ?

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