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Fixing ‘End’ & ‘Home’ keys in Eclipse/Flex/FlashBuilder on OSX

If like me you’ve come from (or still work a lot in) a standard PC environment, you may be used to using the ‘end’ and ‘home’ keys to jump to the start or end of a line when editing text. However by default on a Mac this will jump to the start or end of the entire file, making for lots of infuriating moments when you hit ‘home’ and completely loose the place you are editing.

There’s a fix available here : KeyFixer that fixes this in most standard OSX apps and works great, but it doesn’t fix it for Eclipse which has its own internal bindings.

By default though Eclipse is even odder and has the home/end bound to ‘apple’ + left/right, which if you’re using a modern OSX will instead change spaces, even more infuriating!

So to fix this, simply open Eclipse and go into ‘preferences->general->keys’, then find ‘Line Start’ & ‘Line End’ and in the ‘binding’ area change them to the home/end keys & hit apply, problem fixed!

(You might also want to change the ‘select line start/end’ & ‘select text start/end’ while you’re there.)

Study links ‘spirituality’ to brain damage?

Brick Testament

Now this is something I can believe in…

Kind of related, the comments in the original Fark post led me to The Brick Testament, absolute genius, reckon everyone needs to brush up on the law section if nothing else. Good to know for example when you should stone your children, why you must marry your sister in-law, why you must stone homosexuals and of course when you’re allowed and how much to pay for raping a woman (50 sheckles, or about £8.50 according to, seems pretty reasonable).

SEO Rapper on Page Rank

Chuck the SEO rapper keepin it real…

Chrome Experiments

Some really interesting experiments with HTML5 going on here…

…including a fun one from a familiar name, prolific Flash & Papervision3d experimenter Mr.Doob. ‘Browser Ball‘ is also pretty cool.

Gonna have to start playing with this myself, have seen some really nice stuff starting to come out in this area recently.

Android App – MinFreeManager v1.5

I’ve just updated MinFreeManager to version 1.5, changes are …

  • Android 1.5 support!
  • Presets – default (stock), mild & aggressive
  • Save your own ‘custom’ preset for easy application
  • No bug fixes, ‘coz there weren’t any, bonza :)

You can get the app using this QR code:

… or by searching the market for ‘MinFreeManager’, or by downloading the APK here.