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Tripit launches iPhone app

Tripit is a very handy (free) website that helps organise your travel plans. You simply forward all your confirmation emails to the site; airline, hotels, car hire etc, and it automatically builds a single itinerary for your entire trip.

I’ve been using it for a few years now and find it invaluable for keeping everything in one place and easy to access. It also adds handy meta-info such as weather at your destination, maps, routes from the airport to your hotel etc. You can then share this info with others, see who’s going to be travelling at the same time, and export the entire thing to your calendar.

The only down side was, when actually on your trip you used to have to access the site to see your plans on your iPhone, which meant finding a wifi hotspot or internet cafe, or paying costly data roaming charges.

Which is why I was happy to find out that they just launched an app for the iPhone that stores all your trip details offline.

TripIt for iPhone gives you…

Easy Access: See all the details of your TripIt itineraries, whether you’re online or offline.

iPhone Integration: Link to airlines, hotels, restaurants and more, right from your itinerary.

Maps and Directions: Get maps and directions straight from your itinerary at the tap of a finger.

Quick Phone Calls: Direct dial phone numbers from your itinerary on your iPhone.

It’s kinda basic (doesn’t include all the meta-info for example) but functional, and the timing couldn’t be better for me as I’m in the middle of a trip to S.E. Asia at the moment.

If you travel a lot (or at all) you really should try Tripit. Feel free to add me (oldskool73) as a contact.

Tripit App for iPhone

Thailand declares state of emergency in Bangkok!

wow, just saw on the news a new state of emergency has been declared, yesterday it was Pattaya today Bangkok.

I’m in Phuket at the moment and there’s no problems here at all that I can see. In fact it’s the start of the Thai new year (songkran) tomorrow and there’s a great party atmosphere, everyones out on the street with waterpistols soaking each other with ice water, which is more fun than it sounds, remember it’s around 30 degrees here at the moment!

I’d post some pictures, but I don’t dare take any gadgets outside, you have no choice but get VERY wet!