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New Mac Mini – maxi price tag

I thought Apple had got the whole ‘overpriced, under spec’d but nice looking’ thing under control recently, but they seem to have slipped with this latest round of updates.

Was looking at picking up one of the new mini’s, but when compared to an all-round better spec’d Dell box (except the nasty OS included of course ;) they just seem overpriced…



Better CPU? Check!
Better GPU? Check!
Bigger HardDrive? Check!
Faster DVD writer? Check
Keyboard & Mouse supplied? Check!
Upgradeable? Check!

Shame, I was waiting for this new model to come out but just can’t justify throwing money away on one.

Unity for Flash Developers – Great Video Series

Unity 3D is ‘a multiplatform game development tool, designed from the start to ease creation.’

If you are a Flash developer interested in getting started with Unity 3D there’s a great series of video tutorials from Richard Hart available on Vimeo…

Unity for Flash Developers

FDT Pure released