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Flash Game – GlobetrotterXL

Nice simple little flash game, test your geography knowledge, my best so far’s 3981 5208.


openFrameworks – Processing for C++

made with openFrameworks from openFrameworks on Vimeo.

openFrameworks is a C++ library for creative coding. It’s similar to processing, cross platform and does a pretty good job of getting you up and running quickly. It’s in pre-release still at the moment, but if you sign up for the mailing list you can get access to the code and a lively developer community.

I’ve only played with the demos so far but looks like it could be fun.

Worst captcha ever?

Someone just pointed out to me the captcha images in use on the Steam forums, here’s some examples…




I thought captcha’s were supposed to be HUMAN readable?

Is Encore really that bad? (Honest question)

For the last month my flatmate has been pulling his hair out trying to make a showreel DVD. He’s been working in Encore CS3 on XP and has come across no end off issues, from random interactions and lack of help to unhandled C++ errors that crash the whole system. Even after contacting Adobe support there seems to be issues that no-one has heard of or has fixes for.

Today he took is project to a friend using DVD Studio Pro on OSX and got done in 3 hours what’s taken him weeks in Encore. Everyone he speaks to seems to use Final Cut Pro, and he’s a hairs breadth away from jacking it all in and buying all new Apple hardware and software simply so he doesn’t have to use Encore any more.

My argument many times has been ‘user error’ (at least to some degree), he only uses the software to do a new DVD once a year and I find it hard to believe that one of the premier software packages from Adobe simply doesn’t work? But am I right, is he just doing something wrong, or is FCP really that much better?

This is an honest question, don’t want to start flamewars just get some opinions from people in the know.


Syncing iPhone 2+ firmware with Linux!

Ever since Apple so kindly updated the iTunes database encryption key with the v2 firmware it’s been impossible to sync an iPhone with anything other than iTunes.

Yesterday I found a site describing an extremely simple hack that appears to re-enable syncing to older software simply by tricking the iPhone into reporting it’s still running an old database version. I’ve done it on mine (fw 2.2) and it appears to work brilliantly, I can now synch with gtkPod or Amarok in Ubuntu, and if I (have to) boot back into XP iTunes doesn’t seem to complain and I can still do backups and AppStore sync’s as normal.

Using Amarok and other iTunesDB compatible software with the iPhone 2.x @ Abort,Retry,Hack

Excellent, f**k you Apple (again)!