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FB3A3 & Air for Linux on Labs

check me and the power I wield… no sooner had I had a little moan about FB3A2 expiring than we get not one but 2 new toys on Labs…

Flex Builder 3 Alpha 3 for Linux and
Air for Linux Alpha

According to the FB release notes nothing much has changed except the addition of Air support, but at least I can keep on working without it expiring.

FlexBuilder on Linux… what’s happening?

I’ve been using FlexBuilder on Ubuntu for several months now, it’s got it’s oddities and the design view is missing but it mostly works fine. I’m currently using Alpha2, and it’s now telling me it runs out in 18 days. The fcsh says it will expire in 3 days. The discussion group on Labs seems to have been wiped recently and there’s zero feedback from Adobe there. There is currently no option to buy FB for linux on the Adobe site.

So Adobe, what’s going on? Is there going to be an A3? B1? Are we ever gonna get design view? When can I buy the damn thing? Is anybody out there??