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Coldfusion is dead!

Funny, don’t use it myself but I thought interest in CF was actually picking up a bit of late, but according to ComputerWorld it’s right up there in the ‘Top 10 dead (or dying) technologies‘, even beating Os/2 :)


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  1. Matt Johnson says:

    That article is largely inaccurate. See why in Ben Forta’s reply:


  2. oldskool73 says: (Author)

    no doubt, sorry must have missed it first time around.
    dunno why Ben got so annoyed, I just tagged it as humor :)

  3. David says:

    Oh, it’s hilarious alright! I mean, people have been sounding the death knell for ColdFusion for nearly 10 years now.

    Seriously, how long do you have to be wrong before you get embarrassed? Some people have no shame I guess. Meanwhile, CF 8 is kickin’ ass and takin’ names. :-)



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