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Coldfusion is dead!

Funny, don’t use it myself but I thought interest in CF was actually picking up a bit of late, but according to ComputerWorld it’s right up there in the ‘Top 10 dead (or dying) technologies‘, even beating Os/2 :)


HipHop Violin

This dude rocks, makes me wish I’d never given up playing the violin… but I don’t remember anyone mentioning they made electric ones when I was a kid. Bummer.

Wubi – the easiest way to install Ubuntu

Now this is cool… If you are running Windows and would like to try Ubuntu, your first step is to load up the ‘Live Cd’. All well and good, and you get a nice working system with no work and no messing with your Windows partitions, but as it’s running of a CD you loose all your changes each time you reboot. The next step, installing Ubuntu to a drive, used to involve messing with partitions, installing boot-loaders and ultimately risking loosing everything if the great hard-drive gods were angry with you.

The solution? Wubi!


Wubi lets you install a complete, fully working Ubuntu system into a standard file held inside your Windows file system. After installing and rebooting it will add a new ‘Ubuntu’ entry to the Windows boot menu, choosing this will boot your new Ubuntu system. No partitions to setup, no Grub or messing with the windows boot loader. If you decide you want to remove Ubuntu you simply run the uninstaller in Windows and away it goes!

Even better, if you decide you want to switch over to Ubuntu fully at a later date you can use the complimentary ‘LVPM’ tool to move your virtual disk to a real partition and install Grub, and in 10 minutes you have a full standalone Ubuntu install. You can then delete the Wubi virtual drive from Windows, or even easier, remove Windows :)