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Great Papervision Presentation

If you are looking to get started with Papervision but have no idea where to start, check out this great Breeze presentation of Pelle Klit Christensen’s presentation at the DFUG. He covers the whole process, from setting up your dev environment, through texturing and exporting from 3DSMax, to getting it all running in Papervision. Well worth a watch!

Flosc AS3 Classes

Flosc (Flash Open Sound Control) is a project by Ben Chun that looks like it’s been around for a while but I’d never heard of until I had call to use it in FWiidom.

In fact I’d never heard of Open Sound Control either, but apparently it’s intended as something akin to clunky old MIDI, but over TCP. Flosc is a little Java server that sits and intercepts OSC packets and turns them into Flash XML packets. The classes in the zip below will allow you to connect easily to the Flosc sever and send and receive events and data to any connected OSC device.

I was using these classes for two way communication between Flash and Glove Pie (and thus the Wiimote) and it all worked fine. In theory you should be able to control any OSC device, including some pretty cool sound kit such as MaxMSP or Traktor.

>> Download Flosc AS3 Classes <<
This zip just contains the new AS3 classes, you’ll still need to get the main Flosc files.