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…an Open Source solution for controlling Flash via Wiimote(s).

The site’s been up a few weeks, and you may have seen some of the videos if you are on the Papervision3D list, but I just realised I’d not announced it to the wider community.

Currently there is a very first beta available for download from the site (although it works fine the solution is kinda clunky and Windows only), and a couple of quick tutorials on getting it all up and running. If you have a Wiimote and fancy a play feel free to grab the files and let me know what you think.

Over the next couple of weeks I’m hopefully going to be working alongside Pete Hobson (who already has a much better OSX solution running than me) to rip out all the extra junk & make one slick, cross platform solution. Keep ‘em peeled…

Quake2 in Flash!


Ok, I lied!

So it’s not quite (err, at all…) playable yet, and I may have done a little photoshoppery on the screenshot above but still… a Quake2 map & textures loaded, parsed and running in the Flash player via Papervision from Tim Knip, very cool indeed… aaah the good old days!


(Edit - just wanted to point out this is not my code, it’s from Tim Knip, who posted it to the Papervision3d mailing list. If you are into this kind of stuff there’s some exciting stuff going on on the list there, join up!)