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Wiimote & Flash, first two way communication tests!

I’ve been messing with my Wiimotes and Flash over the weekend, and have finally managed to cobble together various programs and enable full two way communication between them. This means that Flash can get all the controller data from the Wiimote, including 3d acceleration, pitch, roll, all the buttons, nunchuk & classic controller, pointer orientation etc (for up to 7 Wiimotes eventually!) as well as control features of the Wiimote such as the LED’s and the rumble feature. Tasty!

I’m not posting yet how I did it, as it’s pretty hacky at the moment and there’s a lot I’d like to clean up, but here’s a video of it in action…

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  1. JBOY says:

    Some nice action u put together there… Would very much like to get my hands on ur source :)

    Hope u post it soon!

  2. zharzone says:

    Great stuff! This looks like a huge potential for developing awesome games in flash. As I see in your demo, you are running this demo on PC(Vista) not Wii in pure Flash player (not embeded/wrapped) , how is this possible???
    I would still like to know how did you managed to connect the controller on the PC (I don’t own Wii).
    Anyway, I am flash game developer/designer, drop me an email if you need some help with new demos.

  3. Jeffery says:

    This is awesome. Have you tested with multiple Wiimotes? For example, can you detect which user presses a button, etc for multi-user Flash apps? Great work.

  4. tom west says:

    LOL … GLC ROCKS, anyway

  5. @zharzone
    thats a linux using the gnome window manager.
    vista, lol… ; )

  6. Review says:

    I might suggest to change the font, and add your twitter so we can follow, other than that – nicely done!

  7. Thank you for sharing this information. I found it very needful for me. Wonderful job.

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