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Realtime webcam to Ascii converter in Flex2/AS3

So I’ve been spending some downtime converting some old projects to AS3, one of which is an old Webcam to Ascii experiment.

While it worked OK in AS2 it was pretty lacking in the speed department, meaning you couldn’t convert at any great resolution (about 20*20 ascii ‘pixels’ was tops). In AS3 however it’s a whole different story, as this demo shows …

(click the image to launch, latest FP9 & a webcam required, right click to go fullscreen)

Oh yeah, cheers Tink for the Flex help, it’s clever this Flex stuff, init?!

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  1. xero says:

    i have been trying this for ever.
    this is AWESOME!
    are you planning on posting the source?

    i want to convert videos like this, not
    just do streaming webcams…

  2. Marcus says:

    hey nice work.
    i have also done a ascii webcam app.. but you did it first.
    have a look at some of my other work :)


  3. Iain C says:

    Shockingly, awesomely good :)

  4. bugiam says:

    Very impressive! Good work!

  5. darren says:

    just wondering if you where going to share the source code for eth ascii web cam, I have the old version from ages ago, but thisone is much more stable by the looks of it

  6. swider says:

    DOesnt work on my IMAC
    F.P. 10,0,12,36 installed

  7. oldskool73 says: (Author)

    @swider – works fine here, may just have to go into the flash preferences and select the correct camera?

  8. Cams says:

    hahah, I never dont add comments.. but this article just asked for it!! Keep it up ;-) Good Bye from Poland

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