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LFPUG Linux Presentation Slides


Way back in November last year I did a presentation at the London Flash Platform Usergroup. I ran through a quick intro to Linux, what makes it different, and why you may (or may not) want to try it out, as well as giving a demo of my Beryl desktop.

I also showed how to install the (back then brand new) Beta Linux Flash Player, and how to set up a completely Open Source Flash development environment using Eclipse, MTASC & ASDT.

I had a lot of fun doing the pres, and gave out a whole stack of Ubuntu CD’s afterwards. The slides were supposed to go up on the LFPUG site at the same time as the video, but that all got rather delayed… so I thought I’d post my slides here instead. Better late than never :)

Download “Getting Flash on Linux” presentation slides

(The useful Flash info is from about slide 17 onwards)

Edit – the video is up on the LFPUG site too now, bit dark but check it out

Wiimote & Flash, first two way communication tests!

I’ve been messing with my Wiimotes and Flash over the weekend, and have finally managed to cobble together various programs and enable full two way communication between them. This means that Flash can get all the controller data from the Wiimote, including 3d acceleration, pitch, roll, all the buttons, nunchuk & classic controller, pointer orientation etc (for up to 7 Wiimotes eventually!) as well as control features of the Wiimote such as the LED’s and the rumble feature. Tasty!

I’m not posting yet how I did it, as it’s pretty hacky at the moment and there’s a lot I’d like to clean up, but here’s a video of it in action…

Embedding Flash in a .Net form

I’ve needed to do this various times and there’s always a few gotchas, here’s a brain dump for my own future reference if nothing else…

  • In Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition, go to Tools -> Choose Toolbox Items
  • From the “Com Components” panel tick “Shockwave Flash Object” then click OK.
  • In the toolbar now, if you expand the “All Windows Forms” group and look at the end you should see a new “Shockwave Flash Object” entry that you can drag onto your form.


To load a swf into your object, either set the full path in the “Movie” parameter using the Properties panel at design time, or at runtime using something like…

this.axShockwaveFlash1.LoadMovie(0, "D:\\test.swf");

Note – in both cases the paths must be absolute or the movie wont load.

If you get the error…

“Failed to import the ActiveX control. Please ensure it is properly registered”

…with VS running you need to go into the \obj\debug folder under your project root and delete any file(s) in there with ‘interop’ in their name. New (working) files should be auto generated for you and the problem fixed.

I’ll add more tid-bits to this list as I find them…

Breakdancing toddler

Probly the coolest kid I’ve ever seen…


Realtime webcam to Ascii converter in Flex2/AS3

So I’ve been spending some downtime converting some old projects to AS3, one of which is an old Webcam to Ascii experiment.

While it worked OK in AS2 it was pretty lacking in the speed department, meaning you couldn’t convert at any great resolution (about 20*20 ascii ‘pixels’ was tops). In AS3 however it’s a whole different story, as this demo shows …

(click the image to launch, latest FP9 & a webcam required, right click to go fullscreen)

Oh yeah, cheers Tink for the Flex help, it’s clever this Flex stuff, init?!