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Playing with Sandy 3d

I’ve been having a little play with the Sandy 3D engine for Flash over the boring bits of Xmas, helped by this great set of tutorials. Here’s a little demo and source, may be helpful for anyone else starting out (and it includes a handy re-useable ‘MovieClipReflector’ class for the reflection)

Can’t wait for the AS3 version of Papervision, need more speed…

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Download source zip

Wii browser launched!

Didn’t get ’round to blogging it, but I managed to pickup a Wii last week from HMV and have been enjoying playing it a lot (I’m a Pro at bowling now! :).

Anyway I’ve just noticed on Digg that the Wii browser’s been launched and it apparently contains Flash & Ajax support. Woohoo, this could be very cool if it plays Flash games nicely… more to come I’m sure.

Will it blend…?

So, intrigued by some of the stuff I saw @ FOTB I’ve been playing a little with the latest beta of Microsoft’s Expression Blend and trying to get my head around what exactly it does and how.

There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of info or tutorials around at the moment (other than the few that come with it and a couple of handy ones @, so I’ve been pretty much making it up as I go along. The result of my first little expriments is this simple analog clock app…


As I don’t really know if I’m doing this the right way, and to perhaps help others just starting, I’ve made a video walkthough of the creation of the clock and put the source code up for you to have a look at, if anyone knows a ‘better’ way of making this please comment (sorry about the bored cockney voiceover, it’s scary hearing myself speak! :) )

(Edit – just noticed the right click pop-ups don’t show up in the video, sorry about that, must be a Camtasia issue. I’ll try to fix it if I do another video)

UPDATE – 31/01/07 -
Due to popular demand (well, errr, Roger anyway :) ) the video is now available as a downloadable WMV also. Enjoy. for expression blend tutorials, xaml demo, wpf info

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