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Roxik – jaw dropping 3d


Really nice use of a 3d engine on the site of Japanese designer Masayuki Kido,

He’s also produced a really fun little viral drawing game called pictaps, see my attempt here.

Flash Player 9 For Linux – Beta 2

There’s a new beta just up on Adobe Labs, not had a chance to test it yet but it apparently fixes some sound issues…

Very handy Firefox extensions

Dunno how I missed these for so long, but Sepiroth has some very handy extensions available from his site…

FlashTracer (like ‘afterthought’ in your browser)
GetVideo (easily download Google & YouTube videos)
Flash Switcher (bit like Kewbee’s plugin switcher)
ActionScript 3.0 Reference (… in firefox’s search)

Go grab ‘em now from his site.

Flash9 for Linux DOES go fullscreen…

…ok, well the standalone player anyway. I’d got the impression from the release notes that the new Flash beta simply couldn’t do fullscreen on Linux, but I was reading it wrong. The browser plugin can’t, but the standalone goes fullscreen just fine, shouldn’t be hard to get this working for the final release…sweet.

Hadn’t had time to look at it before, but the standalone player even includes a few extras I don’t remember from widows, a URL entry field and a Bookmarks menu…

playing an swf directly from a bookmarked URL

Must say it’s a lot nicer than I had expected, it even has a working ‘create projector’ option to make standalone binaries, although they’re not all that svelt at around 6mb for the base package…

swf & resulting 'projector' file