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No More Sony For Me!

Well that’s it, the final straw. Lik-Sang have been shut down by Sony, what a bunch of tossers (Sony that is!). I never even used them personally, but I know a lot of people that did, including (as pointed out by Lik-Sang’s announcement) a few that work or worked at Sony. How’s that for hypocrisy?

In the past year I’ve probably spent over £3k on Sony products, I sit here writing this on a Sony laptop with a Sony phone next to me and a Sony camera and PSP in my pocket. I’ve even got a brand new Sony w850i arriving in a day or two. But no more, fuck ‘em, if I can send the phone back I will, and from here on in I’ll be actively avoiding buying any Sony products. Ever.

For a long time Sony’s level of customer contempt has been pretty obvious, but this has tipped the boat into actually directly putting people out of business simply to make a few more dollars. Quite simply (if it’s not immediately obvious) Sony aren’t doing this for any customer relations reasons, they are doing this simply to prevent someone else making a fair and legal profit in a gap left by their stupidity, incompetence and greed. If you can’t beat ‘em, sue ‘em. Makes me sick, and they have just lost a customer. I invite you to join me.

LFPUG – 25/10/06

Just a reminder, next LFPUG is Thursday 25th Oct @ The Bear, Farringdon, be sure to register on the site to be in the prize draw, I won a pass for Flash on the Beach last month…result :)

Flash Player 9 Beta For Linux Released

Wooohoo, the wait is over, Flash 9 for Linux both plugin and standalone are available from Grab ‘em while they’re hot :)