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Wow, nice work @, which allows you to chain together various Flash effects and tweak the results in real time. Reminds me a lot of an old modular synth, and once you’ve got your head around the way it works it makes playing with and understanding the effect parameters a doddle.

Flash based bandwidth tester

This is pretty cool, is a new bandwidth tester with a nice Flash frontend, test servers around the world and the ability to easily share your results…

It’s in Flash 8 and the site very considerately says they’ll have a Flash 7 version for Linux users up soon, but I ran it fine in Ubuntu using Windows Firefox + Flash 8 through wine.

AOL Search – The New BigBrother?

Guess you all heard the fuss last week when AOL ‘accidentaly’ released 2 months worth of saved search data from 658,000 users (info here)

While it’s obviously a massive and worrying breach of privacy, it’s also bloody intresting reading, obviously some people seem to think a search engine is a shrink and tell it everything! Who needs to watch a bunch of self obsessed wierdos act up for the camera on BB when all the freakiness of someones ‘real life’ is here in black and white?

Take for instance this womans search data…

This is gripping reading… in the 2 months in question she gets more and more pissed off with her husband, has a few lesbian fantasies, sneakes off and has an affair with a married prison officer she met online (and searches for him & his prison by name…so much for anonymous data!), he gets found out & leaves his wife, he then stalks her, she has a nasty sounding facial growth removed…. while all while searching for good biblical references and quotes like ‘god can heal affairs’!
Wow, my life is soooo boring!

AOL Search Log search…

(EDIT: I may be completely wrong about all of this of course, hey, I’m making it up from a bunch of search strings after all… but that’s what’s so fun, no?)

Cheap Monitors – 25% off @ Dell

If you’re looking for a new monitor it may be worth checking out Dell, they currently have 25% off the ultra-sexy 24″ widescreen making it a pretty reasonable £620…

Dell monitors

Gizmo – Free Skype Alternative

Basically the same as Skype, but as long as the person you are ringing is also Gizmo member you can make free calls to their landline and in some countries mobile also.

Gizmo Project uses your internet connection (broadband or dial-up) to make calls to other computers. With the click of a mouse, you’re connected to friends, family, and colleagues anywhere on earth. It’s just that simple. You talk clearly. For as long as you want. For free.”