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Flex2 & Flash9 in Ubuntu

Ubuntu just keeps getting better!

It took some messing around but I’ve now got Flex2 Builder working as a plugin in Eclipse (no visual editor but code hinting’s fine), MXMLC compiling, and Flash Player 9 installed in Firefox (through WINE) for testing the end result… of course there’s gotta be a million ways of improving the process but I was kind of shocked it worked at all :)

check the vid (or download it to see a much more readable full size version)…

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  1. DannyT says:

    good skills! I think you’ll be a popular man if you write a tutorial on achieving this.

  2. David R says:

    Very nice. I second the request for a tutorial.
    Also, how’s the performance under wine? Running the compiler was easy (they provide a linux version), and I ran the standalone player under wine (SAFlashPlayer.exe), and it worked great for simple things, but if you start to get a little complex, the performance was pretty low for me.

  3. Simeon says:

    Right On man. I have been working on trying to get this working on the mac without design view, but I have not been successful yet. I would love to talk privatly for a bit about what you had to disable. I can help you set up an ant script to compile and move the swf from eclipse so you dont have to go to the command line.

    We can work together to get support for our fav platforms :)

  4. Deng says:

    A Chinese hacker has did this already one month ago…

    check it out:

    Flex Builder 2 For Linux [Ubuntu] Alpha

  5. oldskool73 says: (Author)

    Thanks for the comments peeps.

    I’ll write a tutorial when I get a chance, but to be honest it’ll just be a bunch of links to other tutorials and bits of info I used. I’m not doing anything clever myself here, was just interested that there’s not much other info on doing this out there.

    The Chinese dude mentioned is one of the ‘tutorials’ I used, although my grip of Chinese is patchy:) and Google’s attempt wasn’t much better, so I guess I could explain this for everyone. I’m also pretty unsure of the legal status of the hacked files he’s hosting, although it does still popup the register/trial box when you first run it.

    As to performance of Flash9 through Wine, I’ve not been able to find any reliable looking benchmarking swf’s for Flash9, if anyone knows of any please let me know. In general though it’s average at best, you can run basic Flex2 apps and watch SpikedHumor just fine, but start chucking a load of blurs and fancy effects around and you’re going to notice it.

    At the end of the day though, as I said I was just kinda suprised it worked at all. I’m a fairly new Ubuntu convert and am impessed by it’s ease of use and features. The knowledge that you can already do so much just using Wine makes me dispair at the time Adobe are taking with the real Linux plugin!

  6. Reed says:

    Flash 8 and 9 work great under wine with firefox but the problem is nothing else does. I have yet to get streaming media to work in firefox under wine. So it is not a real solution for web browsing. If someone would like to correct me because they are able to do regular web browsing with wine and firefox then please do so. Also if you have a way of making it all work how about posting it?

  7. dave says:

    Thanks for the info on wine and flex2!! On the flashplayer 9 for linux, instead of using wine, try the beta 2 version on labs.adobe.com. Everything works well, just have to do a little copying into some dir’s is all.

  8. Indy says:

    Thanks for this post.

    How did you manage to install the Flex Builder plugin into Eclipse?

    I’m trying to get Flex Builder plugin to work with Eclipse on Ubuntu… but no luck as so far.

  9. fipo says:

    thanks. And I recommend a flash swf converter to you. iWisoft SWF to Video converter can convert swf to avi, wmv, flv, mov, etc. very good tool.

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