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FDT – Templates are your friend!

Jason Nussbaum suggests on his blog the use of a standard naming convention in all your get and set functions to save you a few seconds thinking time. This is all good, but how about taking it one step further by ensuring you always use standard names while also saving some typing? If you’re using FDT I just might be able to help…

A nifty feature of FDT that not many people seem to know about is Templates. Templates allow you to easily insert and customise chunks of code, anything from one line to whole classes, in a few keystrokes. Being a lazy git at heart I have a lot of love for this feature, and use it often. The best thing is you can also easily make your own Templates to automate your regular tasks, and in this post I’ll show you to add a simple Template to write a pair of ‘get’ & ‘set’ data access functions in a record time…

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Flex2 & Flash9 in Ubuntu

Ubuntu just keeps getting better!

It took some messing around but I’ve now got Flex2 Builder working as a plugin in Eclipse (no visual editor but code hinting’s fine), MXMLC compiling, and Flash Player 9 installed in Firefox (through WINE) for testing the end result… of course there’s gotta be a million ways of improving the process but I was kind of shocked it worked at all :)

check the vid (or download it to see a much more readable full size version)…

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LFPUG 2 – 27th July 2006

Tink’s posted details of the next London Flash Platform User Group, graciously hosted this time by AKQA (I’m told they are supplying the beers too… good work fellas!)

There’s gonna be two interesting sounding talks this month, one on localization techniques by Dave Williamson (be interested to hear how he handles the really tough stuff like non-Latin and R-to-L languages) and Tink will be running through some of the new features in the recent Flash Pro 9 Actionscript Preview.

Dont forget to sign up on the site, and I’ll see you there…
(except you of course Liam, ya football playing nancy :))