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Funny idea and quite nicely executed…

The nicest thing about this is it’s lack of branding, you kind of know it’s selling something but it’s never in your face, makes it all the more interesting to me.

Safari Bookshelf

If you’re anything like me you’ve got loads of huge old books on long dead or outdated technology gathering dust on your bookshelves, a few of which you’ve probably not even read more than half way.

You’ve probably got a couple more books you plan on buying soon? And there’s also a pretty good chance that a large proportion of all of these books have some strange animal on the front and are published by the O’Reilly network. Well if so, you have to try out the O’Reilly Safari Bookshelf

Safari Bookshelf is like an online library featuring a large chunk of the O’Reilly catalogue (both past & current). Every month you can place a set number of books into your bookshelf (10 on the standard subscription), and you can swap these each month. At only $20 a month it’s pretty good value (one ‘real’ book normaly costing about 3 times this!), and at the moment they have a free one month trial too.

I only joined today but have already added “Head First Design Patterns”, “Information Architecture for the World Wide Web” & “Mind Performance Hacks” to my bookshelf, all titles I’ve looked at but never got round to buying. Now all I have to do is find the time to read them!

Thanks for the dead tree!

(Update: it was of course Stuart Eccles not Stefan Richter who did the Rails talk, my bad!)

Wanted to say thanks to Stuart Eccles and O’Reilly for the copy of Agile Web Development With Rails I won at the LFPUG the other night.

I already owned the PDF version and it’s always nice to have a the ‘real’ version to flick through. It goes without saying that this is the book to get when you want to get started with Rails, and will remain a handy reference long after you’ve finished reading it. The second version is available now as a constantly evolving ‘beta’ PDF. Kinda like ‘Agile Authoring’ :)

There seemed to be a lot of interest in Rails at LFPUG, I’ll try to get proper posts up on some things Stefan didn’t have time to mention, for instance I use RadRails which is an extremely cool Eclipse plugin, and there’s a new Live CD that may be worth a play with.

Stay tuned…

LFPUG v0.1

Well done to Tink for organising the first ever ‘London Flash Platform User Group’ (or just lfpug if yer l33t), which went off with a bang last night in the Play bar on Old st.

I counted around 30 people there, not bad for a first event, and everyone seemed to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. Was nice to have a beer while watching the presentations!

I’ve got some photos and video that we’ll put up on the site at some point soon, but for now, here’s a PUG cos, well, he’s cool, init :)


Google typecasting

Looking at the Google Zeitgeist is always interesting, if only to confirm all your national stereotypes, for instance in Feb. 2006…

  • In the UK we’re a buch of chavs obsessed with ‘the national lottery’, ‘eastenders’, ‘cheap flights’, ‘chantelle’ & ‘katie price’; although we did pull it back with ‘dictionary’ in a respectable 3rd place.
  • Brazil were rather obviously searching for ‘carnaval’ & ‘futebol’, but deserve a good pasting for ‘crazy frog’ at no.9
  • Candians were rather quaintly searching for ‘love’…ahhh
  • Indians were into ‘cricket’ & ‘Harry Potter’ but still rather worried about ‘tsunami’s & ‘bird flu’
  • Italians were reving up for Valentines day with ‘san valentino’ at no.1 spot
  • Polish were looking for ‘maps of poland’ and ‘Chuck Norris’ videos….hmmmm scary!
  • Russians were doing rather well, with ‘holiday’, ‘auto insurance’, ‘snowboard’, ‘real estate agency’, ‘corporate party’ and even ‘building of a sauna’ in there!
  • …while the South Africans are searching for a ‘job’ (when they’re not over here dossing!)