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Bye-bye iTunes…

…hello MediaMonkey!

At last I’ve found something to take over from ol’ iTunes, which has been noticably feeling the strain since my MP3 library passed the 10,000 tune mark. MediaMonkey seems to load & work quickly, it’s library management is light years ahead of iTunes, and best of all it’s amazingly easy to extend with simple VBScripting.

Expect a few MediaMonkey scripts in the near future, I’m currently working on one that emulates the ‘now playing’ tab of Amarok (which I also love, but it only runs on *nix), and after that I’m gonna try sticking some Flash in there (perhaps for a nice interactive ‘browse by album art’ type view)

Adobe Live

Received my ticket today for the ‘Adobe Live’ event next week, if you’ve not signed up already check it out (oooh and its free!)…

Tink mentions that this months MMUG meeting will also be held at the event on wednesday night.

Cya there!

London Quest Company

Just wanted to drop a link to the London Quest Company who arranged Amanda-Sue’s birthday last week, great fun!

Photos of us running around London like loonies are here…

BBC Programme Catalogue

Now this is pretty cool, the Beeb have put their entire back catalogue of TV programming info online using Rails.

Visually it could do with a little spruce up but there’s tons of data to play with… wonder if you could attach a Flex2 frontend to this?