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How to Prototype a Game in Under 7 Days

Just stumbled upon this article on Gamasutra by a bunch of students from the Experimental Gameplay Project at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center. It discusses the lessons they learnt from rapidly protoyping games for a whole semester (kids these days huh?). An interesting read, here’s the summary…

Setup: Rapid is a State of Mind

* Embrace the Possibility of Failure – it Encourages Creative Risk Taking
* Enforce Short Development Cycles (More Time != More Quality)
* Constrain Creativity to Make You Want it Even More
* Gather a Kickass Team and an Objective Advisor – Mindset is as Important as Talent
* Develop in Parallel for Maximum Splatter

Design: Creativity and the Myth of Brainstorming

* Formal Brainstorming Has a 0% Success Rate
* Gather Concept Art and Music to Create an Emotional Target
* Simulate in Your Head – Pre-Prototype the Prototype

Development: Nobody Knows How You Made it, and Nobody Cares

* Build the Toy First
* If You Can Get Away With it, Fake it
* Cut Your Losses and “Learn When to Shoot Your Baby in the Crib”
* Heavy Theming Will Not Salvage Bad Design (or “You Can’t Polish a Turd”)
* But Overall Aesthetic Matters! Apply a Healthy Spread of Art, Sound, and Music
* Nobody Cares About Your Great Engineering

General Gameplay: Sensual Lessons in Juicy Fun

* Complexity is Not Necessary for Fun
* Create a Sense of Ownership to Keep ‘em Crawling Back for More
* “Experimental” Does Not Mean “Complex”
* Build Toward a Well Defined Goal
* Make it Juicy!

Tink @ London MMUG – April 2006

Went along to the MMUG meeting the other night, saw an interesting dip into component creation from Mike Jones, and a second sitting of Tinks ‘Round trip with file reference’ talk as I’d already seen it in Sydney :)

I captured Tinks talk on my trusty Sony DSC-T9 so you can watch along, it’s a bit dark but the sound’s fine. The presentation on screen is available from Tinks site above.

*update* – the video has also been added to Tinks MMUG (or is AUG now?) archives.

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Must say Tink, you’re gettin’ good at this presenting lark mate! :)

If anyone wants it, the raw .flv is here.

I’m back!

Yup, sad but true, I’m back in grey London and ready to get my head around my new life without a regular wage…eeek!

A big hello and thanks to everyone who put me up (and put up with me) in my few months around the world, and particularly to Guy, Tink, LordAlex, Matt, Moca & Geoff for all the fun on my unscheduled stop in Oz! It’s good to get out and find there are other cool people doing the same geeky stuff as you :)