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WebDU photos

I’ve posted my photos from WebDU in Sydney on Flickr, you can see them along with others from the conference in the WebDU group @

More photos from my current travels are also up @

another fine mess!

just noticed all the flash examples on this site have stopped working as they were all hosted on the randommedia domain. nothing I can do about it now (I’m currently sitting in Guys talk at WebDU) but I’ll fix it all up when I get back to England and my good old desktop computer :)

Random swansong…

Just noticed we were up for a Flashforwad award for the last BBC projet I worked on, a series of flash cartoons and games called ‘A fairly reliable history of British films‘. We didn’t win, but at least we went down fighting :)

blogging is tough work!

Ok, so I’ve not blogged anything on my travel blog, shame on me, but instead have been taking loads of photos. Check them out @

I’m currently in Sydney, Australia, hanging out with Tink & Guy @ the WebDU conference. Bit of a culture shock after the beaches of Thailand, and (relatively) expensive too! And although it’s a lot nicer than back home still, it feels pretty cold here after Thailand!

And just to prove I have actually got a tan for once…Guy (FlashGuru), Me and Tink chillin’ in the sauna after a hard night on the beers…

Check out the tan!