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RIP Macromedia

Wow, assimilation didn’t take long, is now fully Adobe branded. “Adobe Flash”, “Adobe Dreamweaver”… still doesn’t sound right but I guess I’d better get used to it :)

“Australias most muscular woman”

OH MY GOD! Austrialas scariest trany more like it. Freekin’ hilarious, I think these shots are meant to be sexy…eeek! (found via Milk & Cookies in case you were wondering :)

freesound library

Large collection of all kinds of free sounds, loops and effects at freesound

Incomplet – flash experiments

Very nice new site from Grant Skinner to house all his Flash experiements. The timeline is nicely done, and some of the latest F8 stuff (particularly the webcam interaction stuff) is really cool…

flash8 cartoon

Eduardo was asking about an easy way to get an overview of the new features in Flash8, well this is quite fun…

flash8! by nectarine studios