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Simple interaction but still very engaging. I like weird pretty games like this.
But I’m stuck on the 3rd level and I’m too busy to continue

Flash Webcam Experiments

Bought a shiney new webcam last weekend to play with Flash 8′s webcam input and the new Bitmap functions a bit more, here’s the results so far.

One thing, my camera does 320*240 but most cheapo webcams are only 160*120, so not sure how this will look on a lower res camera (as I’m doing an image scale up by 2), be interested to find out.

And of course they all look a lot better moving, so if you have a webcam click the image to launch the app…

Friday Night Cam, for that ‘after the pub feeling’…

Cube Cam (looks really nice moving)

Spikey Cam

…and I can’t believe no-one else has done this yet…

Ascii Cam

Independent Game Awards

via penny-arcade

The finalists in the 2006 Independent Games Festival have been announced. This almost always means good times, as many of these things have either free demos or are simply free altogether. You have no doubt already heard of Darwinia, but there’s some way quirkier stuff than that even. Strange fighting games where the object is to pile bodies high enough to escape is only one of the new ideas I saw over there.

There is a game called Thomas and The Magic Words that I enjoyed, and some of the browser based games were pretty smart.

Killing F Lock

I’ve got one of those fancy new wireless Microsoft keyboards with loads of pointless buttons on it that you never use. The most annoying thing about it is that they’ve decided to remap all the function keys (F1-F12) and make them do pointless things, one that always gets me is F2 which is ‘undo’ now instead of ‘rename’…grrr! And F7 is ‘reply’ now instead of ‘spell check’ like its always been, which has now mysteriously moved to F10….why??? All this wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t start by default every time you reboot, so you have to press the stoopid ‘F Lock’ key every day just to turn the ‘feature’ off and use the ‘proper’ F keys.

Just found this however, jolly handy indead…. Killing F Lock (i.e. restoring the function keys on Microsoft keyboards) (Udolpho)

Yoga for the heart!

If this isn’t a viral advert it should be…